On 6/23/06, Joao Barros <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 6/23/06, Alex Franks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The controller is a Perc 4e/Di as assumed, and I'm still a little
> unsure as to whether the 2 drives that shipped with the machine are
> currently set up in a RAID array. The current filesystem is mounted on
> /dev/amrd0s1[a-f] and I would expect to find the new drives named
> similarly after using some useful utility that I'm unaware of. Any
> thoughts?
> Thanks again.
> Alex

Try amrstat from ports which will show you something like this:

Logical volume 0        optimal (101.60 GB, RAID5)
Physical drive 0:0      online
Physical drive 0:1      online
Physical drive 1:0      online
Physical drive 1:2      online
Physical drive 1:4      hotspare

Joao Barros

Sadly, amrstat-20060414 doesn't build on FBSD 6.0 or earlier (or so
says the error msg I get when trying to build it). I've got megarc
installed but have no idea how to use it and no man page was included
with the port.

Anyone more familiar with this utility?

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