On 6/23/06, Dan Nelson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In the last episode (Jun 23), Nikolas Britton said:
> I need to backup the /data directory on hostA to /data on hostB,
> about 1TB of data on a gigabit link. Right now I'm using scp but the
> handshake latency and ssh overhead is killing me.
> I've looked at many examples of tar|rsh tar and I can't figure it out,
> most of the examples on the net look like this:
> # tar cf - . | rsh hostname dd of=tape-device obs=20b
> # tar -cf -...|rsh ...tar xf -...

Two quick options even more lightweight than rsh are netcat (base
system) and ttcp (in ports).  Usage examples:

host2$ ttcp -r | tar xvf -
host1$ tar cf - . | ttcp -t host2

host2$ nc -l 1234 | tar xvf -
host1$ tar cf - . | nc host2 1234

Thanks!, but I got rsh going. I first had to edit /etc/hosts.equiv,
after that I figured it out:

tar cf - . | rsh 'cd /data; tar xpvf -'

I was thinking tar -f as in file.tar but it's not, you have to cd into
the source directory you want to copy... anyways... I'm getting around
30MB/s now... it should be in the 50-60MB/s range... Good enough for
now though. Thanks again...

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