I'm having trouble figuring out what and how to install and upgrade some
programs/modules. This was very simple when I last did it, but I haven't
been around doing this since version 4.7 was new and now some things have
changed. Server is now 4.11 STABLE (or will be on monday).

I have the latest Apache-mod_ssl installed and I need to have the latest
"mod_php4" for Apache aswell as upgrading mysql to the latest of the 323
version. (Perhaps I'll go for mysql 4.1, but I need to verify this with some
software running on my system first.)

What port/modul should I install to get php4 working under apache? I used to
install mod_php4, but from my /usr/ports tree this seems deprecated to me.
It's also important that I can make the php4 module work together with mysql

Any help very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
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