As 6.x is out, 4.11 etc will soon be no longer supported. You should
consider updating to 5.x at least if possible. I'm running 6.1 with no

mod_php has been deprecated as you found out. Use the php4 port instead
which has the functionality of the mod_php4 port.


Thanks Rob,
The server will be erased and installed with the latest version for FreeBSD
in a few months, but untill then I feel I need to stick to 4.X since there
are too much on the machine built under this branch. The server that will
replace this one will have the latest 6.X version for sure.

I'll try with the php4 port, but I think there are a lot of build options
there. What is the minimal I need in order to get php4 working together with
Apache 1.36 and Mysql?

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