At 11:16 AM 1.4.2003 -0500, David Magda wrote:
>Mark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> What is it that makes people rave about the longest uptime? To me, this is
>> just a list of sites whose admins have neglected to perform the necessary
>> upgrade-maintenances, seemingly for almost three years even. To me, this is
>> just a list of potentially vulnerable sites.
>You can go into single user mode ('shutdown now'), and have all the
>services stop. Then update them when necessary and do a '^D' to go
>back into single user mode. This will not reset the uptime counter.
>You would be stuck using an old kernel- and user-land however. If
>there is only one open port to the outside world, and you make sure
>that program is secure then it should not be a problem.
>David Magda <dmagda at>

Seems like a lot of trouble just to maintain "bragging rights" about
uptime, only to have a "hobbled" system that is not really up to date.
That's not quite "up" IMHO.

Moreover, the uptimes are really great insasmuch as I already have comfort
in knowing I have a very stable, reliable system with FBSD and don't need
to bragg instead that I haven't had a "crash" in more than 10 days. I won't
mention any OS names though that have that habit as a courtesy.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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