Gerard Seibert wrote:
This is probably a dumb question, but I never let that stop me before.

If I were to to download the 6.1-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso from would that installation include the Sendmail fix as well as the one regarding "emulators/linux_base-*", etc. or would IO have to deal with that issue after installing FSBD.

  AFFECTS users of emulation/linux_base-*

  We now use Fedora Core 4 as the linux base port, and the corresponding
  xorg libs for the linux X11 libs port.

  To upgrade you have to run
        portupgrade -f -o emulators/linux_base-fc4 linux_base\*
        portupgrade -f -o x11/linux-xorg-libs linux-XFree86-libs

Would running the stock /usr/src/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile be the best way to update the system after installing the OS or should I use the standard-supfile instead.

I am going to be installing this on a friends computer who has never run FSBD before, and I want to be certain that I get it right.

for the base security updates, assuming you use the GENERIC kernel, you can use freebsd-update. it works very well.
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