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I tend to think of Dell as a low-end provider that will cobble
together systems based on whatever bits happen to be lying
around (don't think that one PE 2650 is the same as the next!),
which in turn are invariably the cheapest bits available for a
particular job. I've made this sound bad - somewhat
intentionally - but there's certainly a market for cheap over

Just remember that Dell's business model is "lower costs" at all "costs." They have made it a science of driving costs down, mostly by buying subgrade parts and moving their (at least) consumer tech support to areas of the world that have lower costs , and people you cannot understand very well (I have heard better of their enterprise tech support). I personally would never buy a Dell (both personal friends and acquaintances who have had problems as well as the more than average reports you "hear" about them) now, though 8 years ago I had a friend who swore by them -- he was an IT Director for a small company. There is a reason that Apple's Market Cap is equal to or greater than Dells with a 1/4 of the revenue...

Not a technical answer.


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