On Sat, 04 Jan 2003, Roman Neuhauser wrote:

>     hmm, why are you trying to create a software mirror if you have a
>     card that does that?  you use vinum when you don't have a RAID card.
>     you don't need it when you do have one.

Now where's the fun in that?  :)  Seriously though, I have a few

1.  I want to learn how to use vinum.
2.  From my Linux experience (I'm much more experienced with Linux), I
learned that most lower-end IDE RAID cards (Promise, Highpoint, others?)
are really just software RAID with the software part in a program on the
card.  Linux's software RAID is usually higher performance than the RAID
that's on the card.  I figure vinum is probably better too.
3.  I didn't want to be locked into one hardware vendor's RAID
implementation.  This machine is mostly just a bunch of spare parts
thrown together.  I'd like to be as free from hardware tie-in as

Granted, 1 is my primary reason, but 2 and 3 are factors (albeit minor).
I'm using the RAID card because it was (at the time) the only IDE
adapter that I had that supported UDMA 100.  I bought this other adapter
hoping that this disklabel problem I'm seeing is a hardware problem.  It
doesn't seem to be, so I'm probably returning the new adapter shortly.


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