Why is the server trying to connect to localhost, anyway?  Did
you do special configuration in order to have Sendmail deliver
mail to as part of your (former) configuration with
Spamassassin?  If so, did you undo these statements so that Sendmail
would now deliver normally?

Not quite sure actually, but the mails are generated from a php forum on
this server.

However, I got sendmail running and the server is receiving mails again. I
compiled sendmail one more time with some new DAEMON settings I didn't have
and that did it. Still, it crashes  every 30 minutes with this message:

pid 12388 (sendmail), uid 0: exited on signal 11

Jun 26 23:10:15 malibu /kernel: pid 12487 (sendmail), uid 0: exited on
signal 11

I think it tries do queue or send mails every 30 minutes, but how can I see
a list of these jobs or do anything about it? Is there another way for me to
get more detailes on what this crash actually is?

(By the way, sendmail build was enabled in make.conf as far as I could

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