My HDD is an ST340810A 3.31. The BIOS gives its stats as:

Cylinder:     19158
Head:            16
Precomp:          0
Landing Zone: 19157
Sector:         255

I found the official doc at although
I'm not too sure how to interpret it.

When I go to allocate disk space during install, it says that a
geometry of 77545/16/63 is incorrect and uses instead 4865/255/63. Even
when I reset the geometry to 19158/16/255, it says that's wrong too.

If I use the entire disk with 'A', I see:

  Offset  Size(ST)       End   Name  PType     Desc  Subtype
       0        63        62   ---      12   unused     0
      63  78156162  78156224  ad0s1      8  freebsd    165
78156225      9135  78165359   ---      12   unused     0

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