On Saturday,  4 January 2003 at 17:14:08 +0100, Andrew Prewett wrote:
> Today dick hoogendijk wrote:
>> In KDE and Windowmaker atc you can set the acceleration and threshold
>> for the mousepointer. I need this set, 'cause otherwise my pointer moves
>> way too slow ;-(
>> I want to play a little with fvwm2 (heardsome great things about it) but
>> can't find the place to set the values for accelerate/threshold..
>> Can this be doen in fvwm2 or not?
>> If so, where?
> man xset

Specifically, this is an X thing, not an fvwm2 thing.  It would also
work for any other window manager which doesn't try to change things.
I have in my .xinitrc:

  xset m 6 2

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