* Keith Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [20021231 03:51]:
> Thanks to Brian et al for trying to help me out.
> MY situation is this.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> I have installed (with heaps of hassles) MATT
> SIMERSON'S QMAIL TOASTER on my fresh install 4.7
> stable box.
> I am changing over (via strating from scratch) my mail
> system for my smmc.qld.edu.au domain from
> sendmail/imap/squirrelmail to Matt's
> Supervise/Qmail/mysql/vpopmail/imap/squirrel system.
> I had about 40 shell account mail users. I seek to
> ditch them and create all mail accounts as virtual
> users of my domain.
> I don't know if to do that smmc.qld.edu.au has to be a
> vpopmail virtual domain but that is what I have done.
> Along wit the configs Matt's tute suggests that is
> pretty much it.
Try to be more precise when explaining your situation (particularly, try
to document step by step what you did to configure your system and show
us relevant configuration files)

Content-Description: log.txt
> Dec 31 00:00:03 smmcroute mail: 1041256803.908619 starting delivery 17893: msg 
>290936 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Dec 31 00:00:03 smmcroute mail: 1041256803.909261 status: local 1/10 remote 1/255
> Dec 31 00:00:03 smmcroute mail: 1041256803.920062 delivery 17893: deferral: 
If you are sure it's not a permissions or directory issue, show us!
ktrace the process to see where is it trying to chdir

> Dec 31 12:23:28 smmcroute mail: 1041301408.535628 info msg 290797: bytes 702 from 
><[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 49475 uid 89
> Dec 31 12:23:28 smmcroute mail: 1041301408.549619 starting delivery 22515: msg 
>290797 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Dec 31 12:23:28 smmcroute mail: 1041301408.553299 delivery 22515: failure: 
qmail know mail to smmc.qld.edu.au should be treated as local. qmail has
no idea cs is a "virtual" user.

If you are trying to mix both "real" and "virtual" users under the same
fqdn, you need to set up fastforward. You should ask on
[EMAIL PROTECTED]; make sure you describe your intended setup properly


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