I'll just go based on the lines in the SUPFILE of interest:

1) *default base=/var/db

Does anyone use anything else? Why (I mean beyond "my database isn't
in /var/db", Why isn't it there)?

2) *default prefix=/usr

Anyone have their ports prefix someplace other than /usr? Again why is
it elsewhere?

3) *default release=cvs tag=.
OK, what other options are there for release/tag, and where can I find them?

For tag, I know of RELENG_#, and I suspect there is also CURRENT_# and
STABLE_#, is there any other, such as RELENG_#_#, etc?

Any release other than "CVS"

4) *default delete use-rel-suffix

I'm somewhat being a lazy bastard here, I know there's more about this
in the man page, there's delete, use-rel-suffix, and a couple of other
mentioned, but could I get a better explanation than there is there?

I mentioned the need for a GUI tool to make ports/cvsup more easy for
the "noob", and since I need to get some java experience to make
myself look good for prospective employers, I'm going to try it.

Don't worry, I plan to make a clone in a better language when I'm done.

Thank you,
-Jim Stapleton
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