Nikolas Britton wrote:
What are the difference between the Intel PRO/1000 PT Server and
Desktop Adapters?

Intel PRO/1000 PT Server Adapter: $130 ~ 150
Intel PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter: $40 ~ 60

Both use the i82572EI chip and both appear to use the same PCB. Would
I be correct in assuming it's a marketing scam to get 2.5 times the
price for the same device?


I have been told by friends who have tested
the two.. if you use the desktop one you will
have packet loss and really not be able to get
hi performance on it... the server adaptor, however,
is much better will do a gig throughput.. don't
know what the physical diff is .. must have scrimpted
on the parts :-0

Note, I have gone through 5 of these puppy's getting
3 that work... at least they worked when I tested them
finally... 2 of the first 3 arrived with check-sum failures.

I could disable the checksum and make them work sort of.. but
then they all had a bogus mac address... I also followed
advice on the web and "re-flashed" the cards.. had to build
a windoz boot disk for this :-0.. but that did not work..

I returned two of them.. got two more.. and one came in bad.. but
re-flashing worked... very strange :-0

Good luck if you get them.. I have not taken the time to go
and play with mine yet.. once I got 3 that worked I began
a travel stint :-0


Randall Stewart
NSSTG - Cisco Systems Inc.
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