You can put BATCH=yes in your /etc/make.conf

The settings for each port (if it has something to config) are stored
in /var/db/ports/{port dir name}/options (just in case you want to see
what the port assumed).

If you want to configure ports (with than ncurses blues screen)
sometimes and assume defaults in other cases perhaps you should try
portupgrade -m BATCH=yes <package> on a need basis.

As David suggested you can always do "make config-recursive install
clean", to answer all the option questions before the port builds.


On 30/06/06 David J Brooks said:

If you  do 'make -DBATCH' instead of 'make' -  you will use the preset
defaults for each port with options. Or you can do
'make config-recursive' - which will offer you all the option screens for
the port in whose directory you're currently in and all its dependencies.

See 'man ports' for more information.

To use those with 'portupgrade -a' will probably take some custom scripting.

Ah, so there's no make.conf option for this?

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