Anish Mistry wrote:
On Thursday 29 June 2006 08:09, Bill Moran wrote:
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Bill Moran wrote:
Anish Mistry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You should be transitioning to 6.x now/soon.

4.11 will be supported for another 18 months.
Last time I looked at my calendar, January 31st, 2007 was only 7
months away.
Oops ... what happened to 2005?

Apparently, I shouldn't do calendar math so early in the morning.

However, my point still stands.  I've got 2 pieces of hardware
still running 4.11, and both are scheduled for replacement before
the end of this year.  If anyone has a good reason for me to take
the time to upgrade these before they're replaced, I'd enjoy being
corrected, as my current plan is to simply replace them with 6.1
machines when the new hardware arrives.
Sounds like what most of us with 4.11 systems are planning on doing.

Just a 'me too' here.
Seems to me a lot of FreeBSD users seem to be knee-jerk early adopters, and too quick to advise others to go and do likewise. I appreciate seeing the more reasoned approach recommended in response to this op.

Jacques S.
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