I have a server that ran fine in FreeBSD 5.X but after updating to 6.0 started crashing and rebooting from X. I thought maybe it was some anomaly and hoped 6.1 would fix it.

It was still crashing, so I dove in to find why . . .

It seems with some RTFM on the nvidia driver notes, I found the agp module compiled into FreeBSD kernels by default in 6.0 was a known problem.

I disabled the kernel's agp putting in:
in /boot/device.hints

There is a driver setting for the nvidia driver I added to my XF86Config telling it to manage the agp.

Since making these changes the server is completely stable running X.

I have seen other messages with other video card problems, and wanted to share my experience as it may help other agp video card users.


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