On Jul 1, 2006, at 2:44 PM, Anish Mistry wrote:

On Saturday 01 July 2006 14:34, Charles Howse wrote:
On Jul 1, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Anish Mistry wrote:
On Saturday 01 July 2006 11:54, Charles Howse wrote:
I've added the following to /etc/devfs.conf:
own     lpt0    root:wheel
perm    lpt0    0660

Save that, then, # chmod 0660 /dev/lpt0

When I reboot, the permissions revert to the default of 0600.
Anyone know why that is?

man devfs.rules

Sorry, this just isn't working for me.

/etc/rc.conf contains:
devfs_rulesets="/etc/defaults/devfs.rules /etc/devfs.rules"

$ cat /etc/devfs.rules
add path lpt0 mode 660 group wheel

devfs does not complain when I restart it.
When you restart devfs "/etc/rc.d/devfs restart" are the correct
permission that you've set in devfs.rules applied?

Well, they are now. I decided to press "Enter" at the end of the second line in devfs.rules.
Apparently, that's what it wanted.

That seems to me to be an inconsistency with lots of files. Some want the cr/lf, some don't.


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