Paul Chvostek writes:

Apache logs daily).  NFS seems to go away for a few seconds (the filer
is unpingable), then return.

I see this in 6.X too.

 Despite the 5.x branch's known problems, I
had attributed this to the fact that I'm using <cough> bge NICs.

Our problems seem to occur with other cards too including intel cards (em if I recall)

moved most of this log processing to a 6.1-RELEASE box last week (on
identical hardware), and I've seen none of the timeouts.

Do you do mostly reading? Any writing?

I'm using HP DL380-G4 servers (onboard bge, ciss RAID), with a BlueArc
Titan for NFS.

How much storage? How much?
Looking at their site.. don't see pricing..
Did you buy from them or had to use a re-seller?

 Of course, I'm not running nfsd on the FreeBSD boxes,
they're just clients.

If you can do this test in a 6.X box.
Disconnect the 6.X client from the NFS (ie plug the cable off the switch/card).. try "umount -f <path to nfs mount>" _______________________________________________ mailing list
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