I run an amd64 6.1 IMAP server.
I do nightly backups by stopping cyrus imapd, taking a snapshot,
restarting the server and then backup from the snapshot.

However, I get two kind of problems:

a) when I mount the snapshot I get:

Jun 30 01:04:56 golia kernel: WARNING: /var was not properly dismounted
Jun 30 01:04:56 golia kernel: /var: mount pending error: blocks -320 files 0

b) during backup I sometimes get some messages like the following:

Could not stat /var/local/snapmnt/spool/imap/user/xxx/cyrus.index:
ERR=Bad file descriptor

I believe the first one is a known problem, any more info?

Any hint on the second?

 bye & Thanks

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