Hi all,

I just got an Asus A8S-X motherboard, and probably should have done more
research.   I've managed to get it all working except for the ATA support
(PATA - I haven't tried SATA yet)    I'm running FreeBSD 5-STABLE (Was
5.4-STABLE, I just upgraded to 5.5-STABLE in hopes it would help)     I'm
running i386, not amd64, if that makes any difference as well.

This board has a SIS 965L southbridge, but its recognizing it as a generic
5513.  the Linux driver seems to be able to identify it based on a "trueid"
field, but I don't know enough about the ata code to see how to detect that.

The disks aren't being detected properly - if I boot with a disk plugged in,
it prints a DMA TIMEOUT error and hangs hard as soon as it probes the disk.
 If no disks are connected, it boots fine.  I'm hoping a small patch to
ata-chipset.c will allow this to work.

# pciconf -l | grep atapci
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:2:5:       class=0x010180 card=0x55131039 chip=0x55131039
rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:5:0:       class=0x010185 card=0x01801039 chip=0x01821039
rev=0x01 hdr=0x00

# dmesg | grep atacpi
atapci0: <SiS 5513 WDMA2 controller> port
0xffa0-0xffaf,0x376,0x170-0x177,0x3f6,0x1f0-0x1f7 at device 2.5 on pci0
ata0: channel #0 on atapci0
ata1: channel #1 on atapci0
atapci1: <SiS 5513 WDMA2 controller> port
0x9400-0x940f,0x9800-0x9803,0xa000-0xa007,0xa400-0xa403,0xa800-0xa807 irq 17
at device 5.0 on pci0
ata2: channel #0 on atapci1
ata3: channel #1 on atapci1

The board also had the same problem described in
http://people.fruitsalad.org/adridg/development.a8nvm.php, but I was able to
get past that using his technique.

I see that FreeBSD 6-STABLE has support for the SIS965 - is that the same as
the 965L?     Ideally I'd rather not upgrade to 6.x right now if possible.
Should I return the board?

Please cc me on any responses.

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