Greetings from tropical Singapore!

(though my surroundings are pretty much concrete)

I'm experiencing difficulties reloading named on both my servers.

named.conf and zone files on both servers have been tested elsewhere
and works fine. If the problem should appear to be in one or more of
those files let me know and I will include them to this list.

So, here we go:


---------- Server 1 FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE: Fri May 12 05:26:00 CEST 2006

# rndc reload
rndc: connection to remote host closed
This may indicate that the remote server is using an older version of
the command protocol, this host is not authorized to connect,
or the key is invalid.

# netstat -Sa | grep rndc
tcp6       0      0  ::1.rndc                *.*                    LISTEN
tcp4       0      0          *.*                    LISTEN

# rndc
Version: 9.3.2

# named  -v
BIND 9.3.2

I've tried using rndc-confgen to create a new rndc.key, as well as

 rndc.conf and references in named.conf, but the problem won't go away.

---------- Server 2 FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE: Wed Jun 28 18:15:20 UTC 2006

# rndc reload
rndc: decode base64 secret: bad base64 encoding

# netstat -Sa | grep rndc

# rndc
Version: 9.3.2

# named -v
BIND 9.3.2

I have no idea what to do in either case.
I've asked Google, but I haven't found any answers of relevance.

That's it I guess. I hope someone out there can help me.

Thank you,
João Michigan
     From: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/singapore/interesting/show


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