> I've got Samba set up as a domain controller successfully, and am now
> wanting to user usrmgr.exe and svrmgr.exe to make basic user admin changes
> from a Windows workstation.
> Some stuff works, and some stuff doesn't, and I was looking for some help
> with the script sections listed here...
> What works:
> add user script = pw user add -n %u -g users -c "Windows User" -s
> /usr/bin/nologin
> delete user script = pw user del -n %u -r
> add group script = pw group add -n %g
> add machine script = pw user add -n %u -g winstations -c Windows_Machine
> -s
> /usr/sbin/nologin
> What doesn't work:
> delete group script = pw group del -n %g
> add user to group script = pw group mod -n %g -M %u
> set primary group script = pw user mod -n %u -g %g
> What I can't figure out:
> rename user script =
> delete user from group script =
> Does anyone have examples that work that could pinch please?
> Many thanks,
> Steve :)

How did you setup samba? There are several ways to do this. There are very
useful guides on the samba site. There are also variuos scripts for adding
users etc on the IDEALX site:


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