>       The questions is; How do I have the internal network machines
> get the DNS server settings from the Firewall?  The two scenarios I
> can think of are: that the Firewall also acts as a DHCP server and
> somehow set the DNS of the internal net machines to the Firewalls
> resolv.conf entries; or I can have the Firewall act as a DNS
> server/relay and forward the DNS requests.

If your ISP keep changing their DNS server I'd suggest another
solution: set your own DNS server, but on a machine different from the

Just make sure that the filrewall let domain traffic (udp/53 and
tcp/53) go through. And configure the firewall to use your own DNS

DNS server needs NO resources, an old PIII 500 will do the trick.

It is always a good choice to have the firewall be only a firewall and
nothing else. If you add DNS on your firewall and DNS has somore
vulnerabilities, your firewall would be comprimised...


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