Ya, that worked. I didn't think about it from that angel. I suppose it
has to auth the user somehow and I don't have ldap in system, I just
have it in ssh. Thanks.

On 7/2/06, Dan Nelson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In the last episode (Jul 02), ACM Staff said:
> Ok, so I am running a box with 6.0-STABLE
> Problem is I can't get sudo working for my LDAP based users. I
> compiled sudo from the ports tree with LDAP support.  Here is some
> output
> as a user:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ id notroot
> uid=2018(notroot) gid=200(acm) groups=200(acm), 203(officers),
> 201(staff), 204(staffers)
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ sudo ls
> Password:
> Sorry, try again.

Have you created a pam.d/sudo file, or edited your pam.d/other file to
include pam_ldap.so?  I recommend copying the pam.d/su file, then
editing pam.d/system to include pam_ldap.so.

        Dan Nelson

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