Corey Brune wrote:
On 7/2/06, *O. Hartmann* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    Sometimes it happens on my FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE/AMD box, that a process,
    in most cases xine, firefox oder thunderbird, show status 'STOP' in top
    and are unkillable!
    Trying to kill them as root (sending signal 9 throught 'kill' or
    'killall') doesn't have any effect.

    Can anyone help and tell how to kill such a job? The only way  getting
    rid of those processes is reboot the box and this can not be the
    right way.

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A process cannot be killed in certain situations. For instance, if the process is waiting on a IO request, it will block all signals until the request is completed or fails. Could you mount /proc, and do a truss on the process? Also, which version of FreeBSD are you running?


Hello Corey.
As I wrote, the version of FreeBSD is 6.1-STABLE/AMD64 as newly built on yesterday. You're right, xine was obviously waiting for some kind of I/O. I was reading a music file from a DVD mounted via amd automounter and after a short spinup the connection was lost by some unknown reasons, maybe the amd or faulty amd setup. After a shutdown, the box got stuck at the point at whihc the kernel reports syncing done and then nothing happened for an eternity. Only a hardreset helped. In the meanwhile, I was capable of opening the DVD tray door and get the DVD.

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