On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 01:42:03PM -0500, Bruce Campbell wrote:
> I don't have it enabled:
>   hw.ata.tags: 0
> I've manually set:
>   atacontrol mode 0 UDMA33 UDMA33
> and the problem has not recurred.
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Yesterday I checked the drive ad6 with the Drive Fitness Test program from IBM.
Both quick and advanced test returned that the drive is ok. I then ran the test
against ad0 (the backup drive): the quick test showed that the drive was
defective because of "Excessive Shock". Re-executing the test gave same result.
I rebooted the system and disabled the S.M.A.R.T. option for the drive attached
to the motherboard's controller (i.e. the backup drive). Re-executing the quick
test showed that the drive is ok!

After 16 hours of uptime and one level-0 file system dump all drives are still
using UDMA100.

If for some reason the system will fall back again to PIO4 mode I will try to
remove the two following options from the kernel:

# ISA optimization
options     AUTO_EOI_1
options     AUTO_EOI_2

If the problem won't still be solved then I will try in order the following:
- disable tagged queuing
- buy different hardware!

        Francesco Casadei
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