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> >
> > if i change the line
> >         /bin/sh -c subprogram.sh $h_val1 $h_val2 $h_opt1;
> > to
> >         echo /bin/sh -c subprogram.sh $h_val1 $h_val2 $h_opt1;
> > the program loops for all records in the foo.conf correctly.
> >
> > if i remove the "echo" keyword, the sub-script get's executed,
> > but the shell terminates as if there were lesser records in
> > the foo.conf file!
> try:
> eval /bin/sh -c "subprogram.sh $h_val1 $h_val2 $h_opt1";

well, even changing to "/bin/sh -c subprogram.sh" without passing
any parameters (everything is taken now from the environment, the
program still stops after reading lesser records from the input
file as there are :-(
the shell returnvalue is being checked after the subprogram returns
and i get all the messages after the subprogram inside the loop, too.
so it's not an error-exit or something like that. it's just as if there
were lesser records for the input to the loop.

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