Roman Neuhauser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Having searched the archives, I'm confused.
> I've seen a few posts suggesting the use of dd(1) to read in the cd,
> including a message by Mike Meyer, a knowledgable guy who used to
> frequent questions@:
> I've also seen a message stating one can *not* use dd(1) to read in the
> cd from Dan Nelson, another knowledgable guy who frequents questions@:
> Given that attempts to dd(1) an audio cd give me "Invalid argument" I'd
> say Dan is right. I don't however like what he suggests in the message
> above: creating WAV files, and burning those. I want a "clone" of the
> original cd. Is that possible? Or do the various Windows-based burners
> that have the "clone a cd" function perform the cdda -> wav -> cdda
> conversion internally?

If you read a little more carefully, you'll see that those posts
aren't talking about quite the same things.  In fact, they're both
correct; you can't copy an audio cd by dd'ing the whole disk, but you
can do that for a data disk.  For audio disks, you either need another
program that understands audio cd format, or (with ATAPI cd drives
only, I believe) you can use the acd<x>t<y> format, on a
track-by-track basis.

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