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> I have a freebsd system which is on a private network, there is no path
> to the internet. I am looking for methods to update the system to a new
> version level under these situations. Is there someway to synchronize the
> sources by burning a CD,  without being able to employ CVSsup or similar?
> I see how to bring ports over manually and how to do simple kernal option
> changes, my question is in regard to going from O/S version 6.0 to 6.1
> or 6.1 to 6.1 stable .  Thanks.

You have a number of choices:
1) You can burn your own distro CD and upgrade.  There are a number of
   HOWTOs floating around the internet, and it seems as if the process
   is getting simpler with each new release.
2) You could burn a copy of the /usr/src that matches the version you
   want to upgrade to and then copy it from CD to the local machine and
   do the make build|install process.
3) We run our own cvsup server at the office.  Many servers do not have
   a path to the Internet, but they can access our local cvsup server to
   do updates.  The cvsup server (obviously) needs access to the
   Internet.  The cvsup-mirror port makes this particularly easy to set

Hope this helps.

Bill Moran

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