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On Tuesday 04 July 2006 03:49, perikillo wrote:
>    Hi people.
>     I have some problems on my network, and i want to use my freebsd
> box to see if i can find the problems on my network, we have two
> networks in two countrys connected by a private link, but i have seen
> just a couple a weeks ago that we have some problems between both
> links, we are lossing packets if i ping some server on the other link,
> some times i get 36% of packets loss, is to but to much on bussines
> hours.

36% packet loss is very high, it will almost make TCP unusable.
ping is your tool. Use -s 500 to 1500 to simulate some-how real traffic
situation. I guess you have a point-to-point link between the two offices,
connected to a router? Do you administer these routers? Do know your
bandwidth utilization? Are you sure your link is OK? check this with your
service provider.

Either you link is bad or you use all your available bandwidth.

>     I want to use my freebsd box running 6.0 but just want to know if
> some one could recomend me wich ports to check to see if i can find
> wich device is causing this problem.

FreeBSD can not help you much with this. Unless FreeBSD is the router
in question. Or you could pass all traffic from a FreeBSD box in order to
know what's going on. something like this

[--------------------LAN--------------------] [-----WAN-----]

  No i dont administer those routers, i need to check if the problem
is our network or the ISP link, and yes is Point To Point link and
talk with the guys that setup that router, but im thinking in put a
freebsd box between our lan and the router and sniff all the traffic
and see whats is happening but wich port to use...?, thanks all for
your help.

  Ethereal is for read packets but can he check wich one device is
causing problems..?

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