Pietro Cerutti wrote:
Hi list,
today my home server stopped responding because of a "kern.maxfiles
limit exceeded" problem.

I noticed that the maxfiles MIB value was set to 1928, which I find
ridiculous even for a small home server ( i386-6.1-RELEASE, mySQL,
Apache, LDAP, Postfix, SSH, SFTP ).

On my laptop, which is running 6.1-STABLE, this defaults to 25000.

Reading [1] I discovered that this value is computed basing on the
value of maxusers, which is supposed to be in the kernel configuration

Since I didn't set the maxusers option in my kernel conf, I was
expecting to find a default value somewhere, and here's where I
miserably fail...

So, could you please tell me:
1) where's the default for it?
2) how is the kern.maxfiles value exactly computed?

Warning, Pietro: IANAE.

2) Looks like (6-STABLE here) it's approximately
(kern.maxusers^5) ---  1) if you wish to set a different
value for kern.maxusers or kern.maxfiles, you do it in /boot/loader.conf.

You can see quite a bit about this in /boot/defaults/loader.conf.


Kevin Kinsey

P.S.  The doc in the link you sent does seem a little confusing.
Might be worth discussion on the docs list?

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