> I am trying to set up a DNS service. I have 2 FreeBSD machines, one's
> web and DNS (that I am setting up) and the other FTP. Both machines
> are behind a router and get local addresses (i.e. 192.168....). If
> DNS, FTP and web ports in the router are open, will I be able to set
> up the DNS in a way such that when someone from the outside types
> www.mydomain.com, he'll be taken to the machine that runs apache, and
> when he types ftp.mydomain.com he'll be taken to the machine which
> runs ftp?
> By the way simply typing ftp://mydomain.com and http://mydomain.com
> does the trick, but I want it to work with prefixes too.

It looks like it is a problem of setting up your router and NAT
service on the router, rather than a DNS issue.

>From the wolrd, mydomain.com, ftp.mydomain.com and www.mydomain.com
are seen as a signle IP/host (the public/WAN interface of your
router). That is the router that direct traffic to this or that.

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