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Hi all.

I am trying to set up a DNS service. I have 2 FreeBSD machines, one's
web and DNS (that I am setting up) and the other FTP. Both machines
are behind a router and get local addresses (i.e. 192.168....). If
DNS, FTP and web ports in the router are open, will I be able to set
up the DNS in a way such that when someone from the outside types
www.mydomain.com, he'll be taken to the machine that runs apache, and
when he types ftp.mydomain.com he'll be taken to the machine which
runs ftp?
By the way simply typing ftp://mydomain.com and http://mydomain.com
does the trick, but I want it to work with prefixes too.

Hopefully my question isn't too confusing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael,

You'll have to clarify "open" regarding the WEB, DNS, and FTP ports on the
router. Are they simply port-forwarded to the internal servers (meaning
based on service ports) or do you have one-to-one NAT mapping a public IP to
an internal for each server? If it's the latter, and each machine has its
own public IP, then you can simply set DNS to point to each server

www.mydomain.com -> publicIP1 -> privateIP1
ftp.mydomain.com -> publicIP2 -> privateIP2

The real question is whether you have a block of public IPs or just one. But
to be honest, you can probably get away with just having a single public IP
and using port forwarding as most browsers (including Firfox and IE)
recognize the "ftp" and "www" subdomains and automatically adjust to that

i.e. ftp.somedomain.com will automatically be translated to
ftp://ftp.somedomain.com (ftp.freebsd.org ).

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