Derrick T. Woolworth wrote:
Hello all,

Sorry for cross-posting, but these issues seem relevant for lists...

We'll survive, but for future reference it's almost never appropriate to cross-post between freebsd-questions and other FreeBSD lists.

Has anyone had success with SATA300 controllers with FreeBSD 6.1? [ ... ]
I've got a K8N Diamond motherboard on a workstation and I was able to at least
"start" the 6.1 installation.

I've got a K8N Diamond board as well, and FreeBSD 6.0 & 6.1 seems to work just fine with either the nVidia integrated 4-channel SATA controller, and with the SilImage 3132 2-channel SATA controller. Note that I've only tested single-drive operation, though-- I haven't had the need to set up RAID on this one yet...

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