I've been having the same issues.

The conclusion of my testing is that type of card (aka Adaptec 1210SA, Promise PDC2* ) are not stable, reliable, performant.
   (For my taste btw)

   The underlying technology is just mickey mouse:

      They store the config on drive (ok);
      They dont accelerate mirror that much. (mirror function in driver);
If you loose a drive your filesystem jam (since the mirror function is in the driver);
      You have to rebuilt via the bios (long downtime).

The best card are the 3ware 9000/9500 series. Which is a real hard implementation.

FYI: I have both success with Marvell 88SX5041 SATA150 and Promise PDC20378 SATA150.

   I had major failure under load with Adaptec 1210SA and Promise TX2300.

   Good luck.

Derrick T. Woolworth wrote:

Hello all,

Sorry for cross-posting, but these issues seem relevant for lists...

Has anyone had success with SATA300 controllers with FreeBSD 6.1? I've been trying Promise and nVidia nForce4 and I'm not having any luck. Using a MSI K8NGM2-L motherboard and others, but 6.1's installation hangs as soon as it sees ad4. I've also tried using an Adaptec 1210SA controller and had zero results. I've read that the chipset on this controller is not very good - forces serialized access to the controller's channels??? Nevertheless, I've
got a K8N Diamond motherboard on a workstation and I was able to at least
"start" the 6.1 installation. I have no idea if its stable. At this point, I'd settle for just knowing "which" SATA300 controller to use that will work successfully and "well" with FreeBSD 6.0 OR 6.1. Another question, would I
have more success installing 6.0 and then upgrading the kernel and
recompiling with a build-world?

I'm currently trying to build a moderate large system with 4 presentation
servers, 2 database servers and one large storage system using NFS mapped to
~1.2 terrabyte of SATA disks (4x Maxtor 500GB 7200 RPM disks w/RAID5
config).  Any suggestions?


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