Skylar Thompson wrote:
> Mike Loiterman wrote:
>> After installing the php5-extensions port, I get lots of the following
>> errors when trying to start Apache:
>> PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: U\x89\xe5WVS\x83\xec\x14\xe8: Unable to
>> initialize module\nModule compiled with module API=20020429, debug=0,
>> thread-safety=0\nPHP    compiled with module API=20050922, debug=0,
>> thread-safety=0\nThese options need to match\n in Unknown on line 0
>> Apache and php are working fine - I can get to the phpinfo page without
>> problems.  Its just that the extensions aren't being found for
>> somereason.
>> I have treid adding their location to the extensions_dir directive in
>> php.ini with no luck.
>> I have done a portupgrade rRfo lang/php5 php5 which should upgrade
>> everything related to php5 and it does, but somehow the extension are not
>> being found.
>> Any ideas?
> Is your extensions_dir variable set properly in php.ini?

last i read extensions_dir is supposed to be commented out.  See if
commenting it out works. I JUST now updated from php4 to php5 and its
working fine.

>From /usr/ports/UPDATING:

  AFFECTS: users of PHP

  The old lang/php4 and lang/php5 ports have been split into 'base' PHP,
  PEAR, and shared extensions to allow more flexibility and add new
  Upgrading your current PHP installation will result in a 'base' PHP
  installation (no PEAR and no extensions).
  PEAR can be found in the new devel/php4-pear and devel/php5-pear
ports, while
  the set of PHP extensions to install can be chosen via the meta-ports
  lang/php4-extensions and lang/php5-extensions, or installing singular
  extensions individually.
  If you have a previous php.ini configuration file, be sure to comment out
  the extension_dir parameter, since the correct path is statically compiled
  into the PHP binary.
  For an overview of the modules used with the old PHP binary, use
  the command "php -m".
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