Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
On 5/14/06, Tom Norris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to convince my boss to let me set up a FreeBSD system as file
server.  He said he would allow it if he could use Microsoft's RDP
client (not VNC or SSH :( ) to connect and monitor the machine at his
whim.  Are there any daemons that will take incoming RDP connections?

I just found out about xrdp:

It's not ported yet, though.

FWIW, xrdp compiles with minor mods to the Makefiles (remove all references to -ldl). After install it appears to require a VNC server running on localhost:5910. After pointing krfb to listen on 5910, I was able to connect to my FreeBSD box using mstsc.exe from a Windows XP box. There's hope that it's a relatively easy port.


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