On 07 Jul Willy Picard wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 09:55:11PM +1000, Sam Lawrance wrote:
> > This has been raised a number of times, check the archives.
> First, thank you very much for this very interesting contribution!!!
> This is a real good piece of help!

A little ironic here are you?
> For those that still have the avahi+howl+mDNSResponder conflict, here
> is a way to turnaround the problem:
> 1) Remove the /var/db/ports/avahi/options file if you have one
> 2) Run the following command: portupgrade -o net/avahi -f howl
> 3) When the option page appears, DO NOT enable the mDNSResponder
> compatibility 
> 4) Run the following command: portupgrade -f avahi

Why do you quote pieces from /usr/ports/UPDATING ?
You'r supposed to read that file /everytime/ you upgrade your ports.
If you had done so, you wouldn't have asked the question to begin with.
The first reaction "..raised a number of times.." was quite a friendly
way of saying: READ THAT FILE (imho).

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