I'm trying to get a little more speed out of my 600MHz mini-itx box as
I convert it into a FReeBSD fileserver (with GUI) . . .

I'm trying to find the right settings for /etc/make.conf and would
appreciate your help.

dmesg.boot shows the processor as being:

CPU: VIA C3 Samuel 2 (601.37-MHz 686-class CPU)
 Origin = "Centaurhauls" Id = 0x673 Stepping = 3

Some Linux distributions say that this should be thought of as a Cyrix
C3 processor but that isn't on the list of FreeBSD options for CPUTYPE
. . .

There's nothing that I can see from the BSD side in the archives or in
the file: 
that looks like a suitable CPUTYPE . . .

I've not seen any documentation on the other remarked out CPU options
for /etc/make.conf either:

CFLAGS= -0 -pipe

Any ideas on any of the 4 options for this CPU gratefully accepted.

(I have got the GENERIC kernel changed correctly - hopefully)

Thanks in anticpation,


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