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I have trouble making a passive ftp connection to work, because every time natd changed source port even though it should not. Sometimes it changes within the IP_PORTRANGE_DEFAULT but sometimes it changes it to something completely irrelevant like 30000

The verbose log of natd shows this:

Out {default}  [TCP] 193.92.?????:55211 -> 193.92.????:3866 aliased to
           [TCP] 193.92.??????:37962 -> 193.92.?????:3866

You might try using the punch_fw keyword or flag to natd to try and control the portrange used for ephermeral FTP & IRC data channels, BTW...but if your problem also affects passive-mode FTP, something else is going on.

What happens if you change your IPFW divert statement to only match the RFC-1918 unroutable addresses which you're using, and not send internal routable traffic to NATD...?


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