Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

>>> Hi Dan,
>>> Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I've had the exact
>>> same problem, and have tried various different things to resolve
>>> it... all to no avail. It's really annoying have to remake the jail
>>> from scratch every time, as I'd much rather do the configuration
>>> once, and use it as a cookie-cutter for future jails.
>> Hi,
>> For duplicating jail, use the utility called "cpdup". Tar does not
>> work for this.
> Why not?  I use it (though in a modified way -- I tar a base
> jail without /bin /usr etc but with /etc etc and then I use
> nullfs mounts to duplicate one base jail install.
> But my /etc in each jail is copied with tar (as is a bunch of
> stuff including the base / with dirs for usr bin sbin etc) and it
> works 


Well, to be precise, tar did work for me too once or twice, but because of some 
filesystem related issues, I read several times that cpdup is a preferred 
method. I cannot tell more (I'm sure others readers in this list will), I'm 
sorry, except that you can use cpdup both eyes closed...

Philippe Lang
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