On 7/7/06, Gerard Seibert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I just did a fresh install of FBSD 6.1. When attempting to run:

     periodic weekly

This error message is displayed:

Jul  7 14:12:47 seibercom su: _secure_path: /nonexistent/.login_conf is
not owned by uid 65534

First, /nonexistant should probably not exist. It is the home
directory of the "nobody" user (uid 65534). I would just kill it `rm
-rf /nonexistant`

If it *does* exist that may not be a problem, as long as the nobody
user does not have a valid shell, but /nonexistant is used by many
system accounts so just setting the ACLs on it to `chmod -R
nobody:nobody /nonexistant` probably won't help much.

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