Jerlique Bahn wrote:
If I pull the power on my server whilst its doing heavy IO, should I get
files in lost+found if my raid card has battery backed cache?

Yes, it's still possible.

I was under the understanding that the file operations were atomic, and
hence freebsd's file system should have no corrupted files on the reboot.
The raid card says that it is flushing the cache of the card, yet freebsd
still experiences the corrupt files.

The cache on the RAID card will be flushed OK, but any in-process operations by live processes will be interrupted in the middle if the OS goes away. While some operations are atomic (things like unlink or move), simply writing pieces out is not...

What should I be looking for?

I would like to also know how to turn off (or check) caching on the physical
disk itself.

smartmontools port?  sysctl hw.ata.wc...?

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