Hello Family

I have a problem whereas if it "never" worked, I'd be ok for the
moment but this worked "once" then never worked again.

I have a fully functional 6.1 system working, dual booted with an OS
that has a reiserfs partition.


I was able to do the kernel module load of the reiserfs.ko once, did
a full rsync of a directory and all was well.

I then went to do another rsync and it hangs for a few seconds, the
does a full system reboot.

I've tried the "exact" set of steps that worked once and was
wondering if I'm missing something or is reiserfs (ro) support not
really fully there yet.


     Bill Schoolcraft || http://wiliweld.com
  "To be unhappy over what one lacks is to 
     waste what one already possesses."

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