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> Paul Hamilton wrote:
> > Hi,
> >  
> > I need to monitor a number of IP addresses, so that if they ALL go 
> > down (say three IP's), then that is a pretty good 
> indication that my 
> > server has lost internet connectivity.  [snip] Any idea's on a ping 
> > tool or simple script?
> Your test would be a little simpler if you just test one IP address: 
> your ISP's upstream router. Its reachability is quite definitive re: 
> whether your ISP link is up or down.
> Even it it's assigned dynamically by DHCP, you should be able to 
> write a script that pulls that IP, pings it a few times, and checks 
> the result. No special tools necessarily required.
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Hi All,

Thanks for your input.  I was hoping there was another cmd/util out there
similar to fping that I could elegantly use.  I like the above idea though,
so I ended up using this to isolate the upstream ISP gateway IP: 

 traceroute -nm 2 <close-by Internet IP> | tail -1 | awk '{ print $2 }'

Integrated that into the fping Perl script and we are away!

Thanks once again  :-)


Paul Hamilton
While the cats away - the mice do play!

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