I'm experiencing some strange problems while installing FreeBSD via CD-ROM,
and hoping someone might have an idea as to what's causing this. FreeBSD
will load fine, and I am able to get to the sysinstall menu, when a few
minutes pass, and the computer halts. The amount of time it takes to halt is
inconsistent, however its usually within the first 9 minutes of being in the
sysinstall menu. Needless to say, I can't quite finish an install when this
is happening.

Interestingly, I popped in an older FreeBSD 5.3 install CD, and it seems to
be fine, I can finish an install, and I also just let it sit inside the
sysinstall menu for several hours with no problems or halts.

I'm wondering if this is related to some kind of hardware incompaitbility
issue, as I have ran hardware diagnostics and successfully installed FreeBSD
5.3, Linux, and Windows on this same box with no problems. I've read through
the hardware requirements for 6.1, and nothing seems to be out of order
(unless I'm missing something obvious), any ideas?


AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 333FSB Barton Core CPU
Biostar M7NCD Motherboard
512 MB Corsair (2 x 256) 3200LLPT (Part# TWINX512-3200LLPT)

Thank you.
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