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Subject: Linksys router and ssh time outs ...

> I just put a linksys router in place, so that we could use our wireless
> laptop, well, wireless ... now, I seem to be getting timeouts on my ssh
> connections when they are idle, but timeouts that I never received when I
> had my desktop directly connected to the cable modem ...
> I've looked at the settings for the Linksys, and can't find anything that
> might be related ... is there some keepalive that the linksys might be
> blocking, or something else that I can do to keep the connection from
> dropping?

Some of the Netgear routers allow you to telnet into the router and change
a config setting for the timeouts for specific protocols.  But I've never
heard the linksys allowing this.

You might be lucky and your linksys might be one of the ones that can
run an alternative firmware.  If so, flash it to one of the open source
firmwares and it should fix the problem.


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