These problems have been going on ever since i first started using FreeBSD frequently with 4.10-RELEASE. Before that i used Windows to write software and would usually upload it onto a FreeBSD ftp server. This was no problem for me in Windows but as soon as i made the switch to FreeBSD at work and started actually writing code in FreeBSD 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, i noticed major issues with Alt Gr keys. I think they're called deadkeys in the X.org configuration. It's mainly because i'm from sweden and have all the important characters like {, [, ], }, among others, on keys that require the Alt Gr key to be pressed for me to use them. It's hard to reproduce the problem as sometimes i can type at very high speed and still not have a problem when i hit an alt gr character and other times i type really slow but get stuck on the alt gr characters.

What happens is that the character just doesn't work, once the problem happens i can very often just hold the alt gr key and keep hitting the other key multiple times without anything at all happening, at those times i actually must let go of the alt gr key in order to continue typing. Even if the problem is very hard for me to reproduce i am 100% sure it is a problem because like i said, i do this every day of my life and i know this happens. My boss has discovered it to, he does not write as much code as i do but sometimes he writes a perl program or two and he has the same problems. I think maybe one of the reasons i haven't heard much about this problem could be that i use a Swedish keyboard layout and require the deadkeys, this combination along with someone who writes as much code as i do and cares enough about the problen to solve it might be rare so i haven't been able to find anything at all about this problem on search engines like Google.

I would love to solve the problem though, even if i've learned to live with it, it's the most annoying thing ever when you get a good flow going in your code writing and suddenly it all gets stuck on some damn alt gr key.

I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction because i suspect this could be something i need to take up with the x.org people.

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