Hello folks: 

I need some ATA/IDE driver work, wrt chipsets 0680 or CSB6.

Otherwise I shall have to move to Linux, and golly -- I just
perfer FreeBSD.  

I'm on some IBM blades, (which use the ServerWorks CSB6 and SiI 0680   
chips,) and have a single Intel P4 as the main CPU processor.

I'm running FBSD 6.1.

After some detective work, it seems that the FreeBSD
ATA (or IDE disk driver) may have been having
problems, so I jotted down the specific Chipset we
have in blades 1-5 and proceeded to investigate...

The chipsets we have are:
SiI 0680 and ServerWorks CSB6.

There are 2 chipsets and what is happening is that
the Primary IDE channel
or Channel 0 is the SiI (Silicon Image) and the
secondary channel or Channel 1 is the Serverworks,
which explains why 3 of the blades are running as
UDMA100 instead of UDMA133

Here's the notification note fr Mar06 telling us taht
we have "buggy" chipsets, both of which are listed by


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